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Your chatting places

Here are some of your most familiar first:
ILS Facebook
Digital Literacy Blog
Calling all Lecturers the ILS
Digital Arts Centre
University of Worcester Staff News
ILS Matters blog
UW ALT Twitter aka @WorcesterALT
Interesting Practice at University of Worcester from Academic Practice and Development

And of course some from the Institutes, Schools, Units, Departments, Courses and Modules in the University:
Screenwriting Facebookpage
CDME 3030 blog
Institutes, Schools, Units and Departments
University of Worcester Alumni Facebook page
Worcester Business School Facebook page
Graduate Research School Blog
Graduate Research School Twitter aka @WorcesterGRS
National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit Twitter aka @Worcs_Allergy
Academic Development and Practice Unit Twitter aka @ADPUUW
Registry Services Twitter aka @regservices
Registry Services Facebook


One comment on “Your chatting places

  1. timjohnson

    If you would like your favourite added to these chatting places, just leave a comment 🙂

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