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Hi there SAM!

Photograph of Malvern Gate

Malvern Gate

SAM brings together all the news, views and interesting stuff from the social, accessible and mobile aspects of University of Worcester. Come and look at what we’re up to and join in. Why not come and say hello to SAM on the “What about you” page and tell us what you think.

Here are our ideas on some of the things that might be included on SAM:

  • News – reviews of research in the Social, Accessible and Mobile technologies (where possible with links to the University Repository), how staff and students are using these technologies, what the University is doing with these technologies,
  • Views – Blogs from all areas of the University (and hopefully) the Student Ambassadors, sites, Storyify exhibits, Flickr exhibits, Facebook, Twitter
  • Resources – OERs, SAM relevant web sites in the University, guidelines, policies, access to BB, QuileR, Logos and standards,

The input comes from all over the University from things that people are already doing in their teaching, research, learning and, of course, playing.  We also hope SAM will encourage everyone in UoW to try new and innovative ways of using modern technologies.

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